Danışan Yorumları

I met with Melisa when I had panic attacks and felt very desperate and depressed. She declared that we need to understand the underlying causes of the attacks at the very first place. She sheded light onto my road o self. I did also experienced to not blame and criticise myself and being more compassionate to myself. At the end of the sessions, I do not have any other panic attacks and besides I learned to be more compassionate to myself and my emotional needs. – T. A.
I was 117 kg and 67-years old. I was referred to Weight Control Program and met with Melisa. She was very attentive, frank and kind to me. She helped me to understand myself in depth by giving reading and thinking homeworks between sessions. I did explore the relationship between body fat and the psychology. Now I am losing weight and contuning on the healthy living life styles. – S. A.
Melisa is the first psychologist I have ever met. She was very frank to me and my family and gave me the faith that everything will be okay at the very begining. I did pass over my despair regarding to not be okay with her. She is a very succesful, idealist and kind psychologist. I felt very comfortable with her all the time. I am strongly recommending her for exploring yourself and having more functional perceptive in life. – S. T.
I met with her in the smoking cessation program. I did quit smoking and gained new functional perspectives and awarenesses. Her attitude was very kind, frank and professional at the same time. – İ. B.
I met with Melisa in the smoking cessation program. I was smoking and suffering from some obsessions. Now I quit smoking and none of my obsessions are remaining. Each of use need support in different stages of our lives and I strongly recommend her. She is gentle, professional and humanistic. She is very succesful in teaching new functional perspectives. – E. M.
I had psychotherapy sessions from her because of depressive and anxious symptoms. To be honest, I did not expect much from psychotherapy at the beginning. Yet Melisa was very gentle, eager to understand and listen me, frank and professional. I gained new thinking patterns and felt as if I reborned. She did give me thinking and reading homeworks during the processes which were very helpful to me. I could easily reach her even after the sessions were ended. I strongly recommend her. – Z. K.