Inner Balance and Daily Routine During Quarantine

Inner Balance and Daily Routine During Quarantine

Our psychology is directly affected by the Corona virus. When we confront with uncertainity and break in daily routine, the first emotional state would be anxiety, most probably. The anxious symptoms would be reinforced when the uncertainity prolonged. 

Our anxious symptoms are currently reinforced not only by the Corona virüs itself, but by the unknown state of what to do in a day, the blockage of freedom and the state in which we could not be able to realize the pre-determined programs.

Being home is a distraction, itself. The attention could be easily drawn by the several opportunities in home. In order to maintain the attention during the home, the plan of the each day could be pre-determined. Eg. You could have a daily routine and schedule like you are working in the workplace. You could wake up earlier, determine a specific place and time for working like in the workplace. The critical point would be motivating yourself when you are not surronded by your colleagues and/or employers.  Unfortunately most of us tend to be motivated by external factors which could be a problem while working in home. Having a list of things to do within a schedule and having your breaks that would be fixed and limited could help you to maintain your motivation and attention.

Even if you could maintain the home-office part, you could be still bored and feel trapped. Maintaining the inner balance would be crucial at this point. In the most basic words, you could maintain your inner balance by activating the inner resources. Inner resources could be defined as the resources that would make you to feel strong. Those could be the acitivities that make you feel relaxed, peaceful and productive. Those could be reading book, cooking, exercise, completing the incomplete things, self-care and self-compassion.

Specifically completing the incomplete things would make you peaceful and help you to be here-and-now. If you could not complete those incomplete things at home, you could have a plan for the future. The crucial thing here is the thing that you should not determine the exact time (Eg. I would go to the gym by June) but you could determine the plan for right after the quarantine (Eg. I would go to the gym right after the quarantine).

When you succeed this, it would be easier to focus on your own self and your needs. You could experience self-compassion as well. The self-compassion could be said to do the things that would make you relaxed and peaceful. Exercise at home, yoga, breath exercises Evde yapacağınız egzersizler, yoga, nefes ve beden gevşeme egzersizleri öz şefkati deneyetc. could be tried.

Besides those, we could not spend enough time wih our loved ones in our daily lives. Quarantine could be a good popportunity to spend qualified time with our loved ones. You could find a detailed blog post on this point, under the title of “Romantic Relationships During the Quarantine”.

We all confront with unpredictable and uncontrolled occasions during the life, and this would prolong. The crucial point is not trying to control the occassions but learn to regulate ourselves in those occassions.