Romantic Relationships During the Quarantine

Romantic Relationships During the Quarantine

Romantic relationships are directly affected because of the quarantine. Especially, partners who are activitely in the same home would be affected more. We all witnessed that many couples broke up right after the quarantine.

In a healthy romantic relationship, individuals spend time with themselves, with their own friends, with their partners and their families together. In ocassions like quarantine, individuals may not have opportunity to spend proper time with themselves and their friends that could be a possible threat fort he wellbeing of the romantic relationship. Additionally, if there are kids and/or relevant of the couple who do live with them, couples would have limited time to spend as a couple.

Yet, spending too much time with your partner would be also a possible threat for the relationship as well. Couples could determine self-care times in which they would meet their own emotional needs. Those times could be pre-determined by declaring “I do need time for self-care. Could it be possible to spend seperate time today?”. Spending time with self would be a protective factor for the wellbeing of the relationship. 

Conflicts between couples may not finişh easily during the quarantine since having a break in the middle of a conflict would be harder in the same home. For example, on emay g oto another room to get calm and relax but the other one could easily follow him/her and continue on the conflict. In this kind of situations, one may explicitly declre that he/she needs a time for a break in order to get calm and not to say anything harmful. 

On the other hand, quarantine life would not be necesaarily a threat fort he romantic relationships, it could be an opportunity as well. In the Daily lives, couples have trouble to find time to spend with ach other. Being home with your partner could be an opportunity to reconnect. Conversations on the relationship dynamic, strategy determination fort he conflicts, declaration of the emotions could be taken place. Spending time as a whole family (eg. Playing games, chatting etc.) and increased sexual acitivity with your partner could be benefits of the quarantine as well.