Bedenim Bana Ne Anlatmaya Çalışıyor? | Melisa Paker


Your cerebellum would be signaled if you eat something poisonous and you would vomit even if you enjoyed during eating it. You would vomit and get it out of your body. When the concern is body, then it is easier to understand what is good and bad for it. Yet when the concern is psychology, then you need to know emotional literacy. 

Emotional literacy is being aware of emotions, conceptualizing them by understand, validating and evaluating. Emotions are different than thoughts and bodily sensations and many of us tend to be confused by this difference. We tend to focus on thougths rather than emotions and think that “Why did I think of it?” 

Emotions are not vanished even if you are trying to get avoid of them. They would change their costumes and trying to make you aware of the fact that something is wrong. They could Show themselves with unexplained bodily sensations such as headache, stmoachache etc. For instance; you may suffer from a sudden stomachache in the middle of a meeting that is the one you do not really want to attend. This is the scream of mind that is trying to say “Look this is not good for us and you do not feel comfortable with it. I am trying to tell you this!”

This is also the reason that many psychological problems have also physical symptoms. For instance, you may experience dizziness, stomachache, increased hearrate etc. when you are in a situation that you do not want to be. This is also called panic attack and in many cases panic attack is a result of lack of emotional literacy.  

Being lack of emotional literacy is also said to be one of the reasons when you see the genral practioner for a reason and he/she say “It is psychological, not physical”. 

Nothing in our unity is completed without any reason or suddenly. If we are lack of emotional literacy, then emotions could change their costumes and try to attract us by being in more acceptable way. Thus, when you have a physical sensation, try to think that thea reason could be psychological as well, and evaluate the cause and reason pattern of the sensation.